Warm Interior

Residential Rates


Our regular rate for a general house clean is $33.33 + GST (2 hour minimum).  Additional charges may apply for situations outside of the scope of a normal clean (ie. especially dirty, health hazard etc.)

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The initial service is charged by the hour, but afterwards when we have an idea of how long it will take us regularly we will charge you a flat rate for the average.  

In other words,  if we quote that it will take you 2 hours and it takes 3, you will only ever get charged for 2 hours.


There are a lot of variables when it comes to moving cleans so although we can quote you based on your description over the phone, for the most accurate estimate we like to do a walk through.  Moving cleans are always done on an hourly basis.  If possible, we request a walk through with you prior to cleaning to identify all cleaning goals and make sure we are on the same page.

Our quotes are based on the amount of work, level of cleanliness and danger to our personal health/safety.  We try to accomodate all situations, but if there is a large amount of animal waste, garbage, mold or other safety hazards we may request them to be removed prior to service.

Moving clean rates start at just $38 + GST (3 hour minimum).


If you have a specific task you want done like steam cleaning of a tile entryway or shampooing/extraction of a couch let us know what you want and where you are located and we will give you a quote.


We offer referral discounts and neighbor rates.  If you have a neighbor that wants service on the same day as you, both of you receive the price discount.


We understand that life happens and even the best intended plans don’t always work out.  Just contact us as soon as possible and we are happy to update our schedules. 

If we arrive to your house at your scheduled time and we are unable to gain entry we will attempt to call the contact number(s) we have for you a minimum of 3 times.  We can only wait on site for 20 minutes maximum as we have strict schedules to adhere to.  After 20 minutes we consider this to be a "lock out" and a cancellation fee will apply.

Any last minute cancellations or reschedules with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the lesser of $120 or 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment to cover costs associated with rescheduling and filling in that last minute spot.