What do we use in your house?

Only the best

At Cascadia we have had many years of experience with cleaning products and machinery both residentially and commercially and we have taken the best of the best and incorporated it into our business.  

Our top choice for vacuums are Miele.  Unmatched in their quality and ability, Cascadia swears by the Miele cat & dog line for the highest level of suction power and it's amazing ability to remove pet hair and particulate from carpet.  With it's trademarked airclean filter, it's electrostatically charged material actually filter particulate from the air, leaving you with the cleanest environment possible. 

The newest member to our floor cleaning team is Numatic George.  These vacuums are huge in the UK and becoming more and more popular in Canada.  On top of his amazing commercial cleaning ability, George is also a wet extractor.  This enables us to shampoo and extract carpets and upholstery now.  

Perhaps our favourite machine to use is the Dupray Hill Injection cleaner.  Made in Italy, these little steam cleaners are known as the best in the world.  They clean and sanitize anything from bathrooms to upholstery.